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Save the streets. sort the trash, and learn while you do it!

Alafiya Hasan, Abhilasha Singh, Shubham Nikhara



Children, even adults, are not wholly aware of how to segregate their waste.

With the increasingly urgent garbage situation in India, and in particular Delhi and Bangalore - as well as the biomedical waste crisis due to the pandemic -,we need to be more aware of how to properly manage waste and learn which waste belongs in which category.
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Pheko! provides a quick and intuitive way of learning waste management through fun.

It requires players to be aware of 4 different categories of waste and understand how each of these is disposed of or reused. The cards are not color-coded, so one must know the categories well and learn them either by themselves or by using the manual provided with the game.

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We wanted Pheko! to be a game that could be enjoyed across a variety of ages and levels of understanding and so, there are 3 main ways of playing the game, and these make Pheko! extremely replayable.


Play only with Trash cards! No Action Cards involved. Simpler, faster gameplay.

Understanding of categories built.


Play with Trash cards + Dump Card and Action Cards of your choice. You can build difficulty according to your own pace.

Basic understanding of management.


Play with all Action Cards. This version gets a little difficult but seasoned players will be able to enjoy the game despite playing it multiple times and knowing each category by heart.

Management and segregation understood.

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Currently, Pheko! has already been playtested and altered multiple times - however, the Action Cards currently presented are in need of some reworking and further testing. We want for the action cards to be able to depict at least some aspect of what happens to the waste without compromising on the fun or momentum of the game.

We plan to include a few more levels in the game to allow for smooth progression, though we do want to keep the customizable aspect of the gameplay intact. We feel that this allows players to personalize Pheko! to best fit their playstyle and needs.

If you would like to help playtest and develop Pheko!, please get in touch! We can send you a printable copy of the game!

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