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'Khalnayak' in Hindi refers to a villain or antagonist.


This is a comic that plays with the Hindu myth of the destruction of evil, the 10th avatar of the god Vishnu - Kalki, meant to purge all wickedness from Earth.


It attempts to explore what this purge might mean, from the perspective of several jungle animals.

2020, Watercolor on Paper


NORMAL is a LGBTQ+ Horror Anthology curated and published by Gaysi Family. I was asked to be part of NORMAL as an illustrator.


Andhakara is set in the old, narrow alleyed and peeling painted streets of Pune's peths - the places in my city that I feel are the most haunted, and the most like a labyrinth to those unfamiliar with them.

2019, Digital Illustration


Illustrations made both as commissions and personal projects.

This assortment includes work done for Pratham Books, The Queer Muslim Project, Gaysi Family, and the Fearless Collective

2020-2023, Digital Illustration

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